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Sheep Kids- A New Adventure

Sheep Kids- A New Adventure Over the past many years Children’s Ministry has taken a variety of different forms at The Sheep. So many of our difficulties in providing a full service children’s program...


House Church

Interested in our philosophy on House Churches? Check It Out Here! If you want to connect and visit one let us know and we will hook you up!


Are We Welcoming?

I think this article in Christianity Today has a lot of food for thought about welcoming visitors in the church. Check it out!

Pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil

Meals Matter

Dan continúes sharing about meals and our invitation in God’s plan to be gardeners of this Earth.


Meaning of Meals 2

Dan continues with the meaning of meals and looking at the importance of food in scripture.

Meaning of Meals

Meaning of Meals

Dan starts off on a series discovering the spiritual significance of food and meals.